About the Festival

The 2011 Surrey Heath Literary Festival runs from Monday 16th May to Saturday 21st May.

We hope this new Literary Festival enriches the cultural scene of Surrey Heath, stimulates discussion about stories and books, excites everyone in the joy of reading, and not least, entertains.

How did this come about? Well, I suggested the idea to a few people as a potential event to support the Surrey Heath Mayor’s charity, and rather wonderfully they agreed to help.

So here we are, with our inaugural festival, over two-days and a couple of special events preceding the Festival days. Our hope is that it becomes a regular feature in the Borough’s activities and that it gets bigger, as there are some many talented locally-based authors whom we weren’t able to accommodate in our schedule. We’ve included a number of events for children to show them that books and reading is fun.

 Do join in our Festival events, and let your mind be transported.

Cllr Tim Dodds

PS: Without the inspirational support of Trish, Steph, Lesley, Juliette, and Kay this event just would never have happened.



  1. Dear Tim and helpers,
    I’m delighted to see this literary festival announced and wish it every success. I hope that next year you will consider local authors alongside the established names. Its a selfish hope because my own book of short stories that capture folk lore of the hare, will be published this winter (Maidens of the Moon) by the Golden Hare Press (where else I suppose!). Should you need a speaker next year, to read a story and to describe the development of the book, the collecting of folk story fragments, then do let me know! As I have done all the art illustration for this book as well I can talk about creating artwork for publication as a back drop to the story telling.
    Kind regards,

    Bob Price

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