Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 23, 2011

John Lenahan: Fantasy, Magic and Shadowmagic

John Lenahan is a popular magician on the live circuit and has appeared numerous times on radio and television. He is a regular at Sci-Fi and Fantasy conventions both in is role as a writer of fantasy fiction and as the voice of the toaster in Red Dwarf!

John’s talk on the fantasy adventure Shadowmagic is at the Camberley Theatre on Saturday 21st May at 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Talk description: Shadowmagic is a fantasy adventure for young adults (although grown ups will like it too). Written by one of the most popular magicians in the country it brings a fresh approach to the genre and will have a broad appeal beyond the fantasy sections.

John Lenahan is an author, magician, and comedian. He is a popular TV magician, with a prime time BBC1 TV show called ‘Secrets of Magic’ and also a BBC2 series ‘Stuff the White Rabbit’. He was the voice of the toaster in ‘Red Dwarf’ and has made guest appearances on numerous variety shows. He has toured with Jack Dee, Lenny Henry and Victoria Wood. John became the first person in 85 years to be expelled from the Magic Circle.


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