Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

William Sutton: Children’s workshop – Be a Worm for the Day

William Sutton hosts a workshop for children in Camberley Library on Saturday 21st May from 10.30am – 12.o noon.

William’s book, The Worms of Euston Square, is reviewed in The Bookbag.

William’s workshop supplies the practical knowledge of Victorian life not covered in the standard education syllabus. Learning some of the street slang of Victorian children will sure to fascinate today’s children.

Workshop description: Have you got what it takes to survive in the Victorian Underworld? Join your very own gang of street urchins. Get to grips with disease, death and dastardly deeds (and sides of Victorian life that don’t make it into the National Curriculum). You’ll learn about gangs with colourful names, rhyming slang and backslang, how to avoid the poorhouse, sewers and terrible traffic, and learn how to make money without the coppers noticing. Working in groups you’ll help solve the gang’s problems, and finish with a Victorian singsong.

William Sutton is the author of The Worms of Euston Square, a mystery set in the fog of Victorian London. Besides writing plays and books, William has played cricket for Brazil, acted in the world’s longest play and teaches Latin at Hall Grove School in Bagshot.


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