Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Simon Clark: Monsters & Mysteries Welcome to the Darkside

Simon Clark is an acclaimed horror and fantasy fiction writer with over 25 books to his name. On Friday evening 20th May at Camberley Theatre from 8.30pm – 9.30pm, Simon will talk about Monsters & Mysteries, welcoming you to the darkside.

The Fantasic fiction website lists all of Simon’s works, and for those wanting to know more about Simon, Pollinger Ltd, and Goodreads are worth a visit.

Talk description: BBC TV News presenter Juliette Foster introduces Simon, inviting you to an after dusk conversation of chilling anecdotes, followed by an opportunity to ask questions …. if you dare.

Simon has been writing spine-tingling tales since he was a child. He’s the author of over twenty-five books, including Darkness Demands, Whitby Vampyrrhic and the award-winning The Night of the Triffids, which continues John Wyndham’s classic novel about those man-eating, ambulatory plants. Simon is a great believer in front-line research for his spell-binding fiction. His adventures on the dark-side have been scary, exciting, occasionally hilarious, but never dull.

Simon latest novel is Whitby Vampyrrhic, a fascinating and decidedly mature take on the vampire story. It is set in the hauntingly beautiful seaport ofWhitby during World War 2, and features Beth Layne, an ambitious young actress who once appeared in a film with Cary Grant. 

She’s no shallow starlet, however. Beth is hired to star in a film that will championBritain’s role in the fight against Hitler. She arrives inWhitbyto discover that she has been booked into an eerie old hotel down by the harbour.

Whitby Vampyrrhic is rich in historical detail, and draws on Viking mythology to tell a gripping story that will linger long after the final page. 


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