Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Sharon Cross: Our Home Front

Sharon Cross is the curator of the Surrey Heath Museum, and is a source of much knowledge about Surrey Heath. Her talk on Our Home Front is at the Camberley Theatre: 3.30pm – 4.30pm on Friday 20th May.

Residents look forward to Sharon’s annual museum exhibitions of Surrey Heath life, such as West End. The Museum hosts exhibitions, such as that of the life of local naturalist George Lodge. A small collection of the images on the Home Front, from the Museum collection, will be on display in the Camberley Theatre foyer. 

Talk description: Sharon’s illustrated talk is a look at life in our Borough during the Second World War.Sharon begins with a review of the impact of new regulations, continuing by touching on concerns at the time on; civil defence, war work, family life, rationing, social life, salvage, sponsorship, and overseas troops, before concluding with a description of the VE Day celebrations. 

Including many local anecdotes, Sharon draws on the extensive collection of images from the Museum’s photographic holdings. A small selection of war-time items from the Museum collection will also be on show in the Theatre.

Sharon Cross is the Curator of Surrey Heath Museum, and whose encyclopedic knowledge of the history, life and work of people in our Borough is one of our great assets.


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