Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Rusty Firmin: Go! Go! Go!

Rusty Firmin is an ex-SAS officer, of whose exploits in the Iranian Embassy siege prime minister Mrs Thatcher said, “Courage, and confidence — a brilliant operation. It made us all — all — proud to be British.” Rusty’s book, Go! Go! Go! was reviewed in the Times.

Rusty’s talk is on Friday 20th May, at the Camberley Theatre, from 5.opm – 6.0pm.

Talk description: Hear from someone who was in Special Air Service team of heroes that stormed the Iranian embassy in 1980. Rusty was third in command of the team of 60 crack troops, and recalls the heart-stopping moments of their most daring mission. The unforgettable drama of the six-day siege all those years ago gripped the nation and the wider world, forever defining the respect in which the SAS is held. 

This is the perfect opportunity to ask Rusty, an ex-SAS officer, questions about the storming of the Embassy and about his experiences in the SAS. When are you next going to get a chance like this?

The paperback version of Rusty’s book, GO! GO! GO! is due for release in June 2011.


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