Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Paul Moorcraft: So you want to be a war correspondent?

Professor Paul Moorcraft is Director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis. He is an international media relations expert specialising in security issues.  Paul has worked for Time magazine, the BBC and most of the Western TV networks as a freelance producer/war correspondent.

Paul talks about his experiences as a war correspondent from his book, Inside the Danger Zones, on Saturday 21st May at the Camberley Theatre from 2.0pm – 3.0pm.

Talk description: Paul offers his musings on the nature, impact and role of the war correspondent.  He says the real role of a war correspondent is to act as an eyewitness; war reporters make huge personal sacrifices for their jobs; and a healthy sense of humour can be a crucial tool in diffusing potentially dangerous situations. Now that Paul is more likely to be found in an idyllic Surrey village than dodging bullets in a war-torn hell-hole in the Sudan, he’s got the time and perspective to reflect on the perils of his profession.

Paul was a freelance war correspondent for Time magazine, BBC and all major television channels, and in over twenty years has worked in over thirty war zones. Paul has taught journalism and politics in many universities and has authored numerous books of military history, crime and politics.


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