Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Miriam Wakerly: No Gypsies Served

Local novelist, Miriam Wakerly, is highly regarded for her understanding of gypsies and travellers. Miriam’s website has details of her books along with extensive reviews of them. Miriam also contributes to her blog –  Miriam’s Ramblings.

Miriam’s talk is on Friday 20th May at the Camberley Theatre: 7.0pm – 8.0pmTalk description: Miriam’s novels on the life and human relationships between Travellers and the English country people have received wide acclaim for their vivid and sensitive understanding of the world of Gypsies.

Miriam discusses her sequel to Gypsies Stop Here, in which the story continues, “Two years have passed since Kay successfully campaigned for the Appley Green Gypsy Site, and four years since her husband was murdered. Life in the village was going so well until the phone call and letter. Then comes the disastrous site opening.”


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