Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 22, 2011

Hayley Long: Lottie Biggs and me

Hayley Long is an author of adult and teen fiction. Hayley’s talk is on Friday 20th May at the Camberley Theatre, from 11.0am – 12 noon. Her Lottie Biggs character explores all of the confusions of growing teenage girls. Her third novel about Lottie Biggs is in progress and due for publication later this year. Her author’s agent – Pollinger Ltd – amuses with their description of Hayley.

Talk description: With visual prompts and a splash of humour, Hayley Long explains how it is that she came to be a writer, who inspired her, and how she first set about creating the character of Lottie Biggs. Hayley will also read from her books and answer any questions that you have for her. Hayley warns! Her talk may contain a mention of a pair of Britney Spears Boxer Shorts!

Louise Ellis-Barrett says about the Lottie Biggs stories, ‘An unusual, touching and sensitive book. It is a brilliant read for teenage girls who may be experiencing some of Lottie’s confusions as they too grow up’.

The third Lottie Biggs novel – Lottie Biggs is NOT Tragic is due out in August 2011.


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