Posted by: Tim Dodds | April 21, 2011

Andrew Robertshaw’s talk: Ghosts on the Somme

We’re hugely honoured to have Andrew Robertshaw, the Curator Manager of the Royal Logistic Corps, open the Literary Festival.  Andrew’s fascinating, and intriguing talk, on Monday 16th May at the Camberley Theatre, 7.30pm – 8.15pm, is the reasearch for his latest book, Ghosts on the Somme: Filming the Battle June-July 1916, which he co-authored with Alistair Fraser and Steve Roberts. 

Talk Description: For many people the experience of the Great War on the Western Front is encapsulated in the grainy sepia film that accompanies a multitude of television documentaries.

What Andy Robertshaw and his team of ‘battlefield detectives’ set out to discover was where was the original material filmed, when, who were the men it shows and what was their fate? Critically how much was real and how much faked? They used techniques are varied as scientific facial recognition and lip-reading to hours in archives, or walking the battlefields to answer these questions and more.

 Andrew Robertshaw is Curator/Manager of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum in Deepcut, being previously the Head of Education at The National Army Museum. He has regularly appeared on TV and Radio; in such as Two Men in a Trench for the BBC; Channel 4’s Time Team. Andy is currently lead historian for The Trench Detectives: Finding The Fallen series, for the Discovery Channel.


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